From The Maker

My name is Catherine Evans. I'm a wife and a mom. I have three wonderful children. They each have taught me so much about life, about myself, and inspire me to be better everyday. We live in Orangevale, CA, just outside of Sacramento. My husband and I both grew up here and are now raising a family in the very house in which my husband was raised.

I started sewing my own clutches about 10 years ago, when I decided I wanted to carry a bag that was uniquely my own. Something that would set me apart, that made a statement. When my friends and family took notice, I decided it would be fun to turn my new hobby into a business. 

I've been committed to growing in my construction skills, expanding my designs and focusing on quality bags that women want to carry. The modern woman is on the go and needs pieces that are functional and comfortable while still looking stylish. I think a fun clutch, or sleek bag is the perfect compliment to a woman's wardrobe that can be used to express personal style. 

I love sewing. I love designing. I love creating something that can be used and appreciated every day. If you purchase one of my bags, you are purchasing a piece of my heart and allowing me to continue creating. For that, I am truly grateful. 

Thank you,

Catherine Evans