Introducing A Collection of Vintage Jewelry



I'm so excited to finally release my collection of vintage jewelry pieces. I've scoured (and continue to scour) high and low for interesting, statement vintage jewelry and the have not been disappointed. Of course not. Companies have been producing jewelry for how long, now? Like, a really long time. There is so much good stuff out there. 



Do you enjoy browsing through antique shops? Or, visiting places where a by-gone era has been preserved? I walk through shops where I'll spot a collection of my grandmother's dishware. Or, spot a dress that looks like something I've seen on my mother in a faded, yellowing photograph from decades past. I love the memories and the warm feelings they bring. It also makes me feel connected to generations past- seeing what they wore, what they decorated with or what kitchen utensils they used.


In case you haven't heard, there's a major discussion in fashion about sustainability practices considering the massive source of pollution manufacturing...well, manufacturers.  Purchasing previously loved items is good for the environment! Did I mention there's like, a ton of vintage jewelry out there? 

What's Old Is New Again

Fashion trends are cyclical. There's always something coming back in style that has already been done before. So, while some pieces were manufactured years ago, they can still be considered new today.


These pieces can range from the 1940's to the 1990's. Some can be confirmed, some not. Some are in excellent condition, some have been repaired. I'm not a jewelry expert, but, do as much research as I can. I love a good story! If I can date a piece, I feel like I've unlocked a mystery. However, I choose items based on style- pieces that are interesting. Everything is priced accordingly...meaning affordably. So, if you just want some awesome jewelry, that has had a past life, adopt a piece or two from the Clutched & Threaded Vintage Jewelry Collection.


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