Clutched goes Toted

The Camilla Tote

Girls. I love clutches. They're a sophisticated way to add interest to your look. But, life sometimes calls for more. So, I stepped outside my "pretty little clutch" box and started experimenting with bigger, more functional bags.  

In the past I have played around with different shapes, materials and hardware and I'm so happy with this final draft of the Camilla Tote. 

What I love about Camilla


She's a big bad b....bag. Measuring at 14" tall and about 18" wide she will easily fit a laptop, and your wallet, makeup bag, extra change of clothes, whatever. And, the thick shoulder straps make it comfortable and sturdy to carry when you've packed it to the brim.


The Camilla Tote is a boxy, streamlined shape with few frills. I've added the color-blocked panels for interest, but, she still feels simple and modern. There's minimal hardware and I edited off the giant bow my heart wants to slap on the front of her. 


The interior features 3 patch pockets and clip to hold your keys or mask for easy access in such a large space. She also closes with a simple magnetic button at the top. I prefer this over a zipper for a few reason:

1) Easy access- I can easily slide my hand in and retrieve a fruit snack for my snack-ish toddler or bottle of hand sanitizer after they've touched every surface imaginable just walking through the post office to drop a package and are now ravenously ripping open said fruit snack. 

2) Stuff-ability- If it's zippered shut I have a limited amount of space to pack ALL the things. With an opened top, the stuffing don't stop. 

3) It just looks cool.

I hope you love Camilla just as much as I do. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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