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Every bag that Clutched & Threaded sells is an individually unique handmade clutch, tote or purse. Each listing features a picture of the exact bag you're purchasing. So, they're all a little unique, one-of-a-kind, with a lot of love and devotion poured into them. Here's is a list of the different models of bags available at Clutched & Threaded. I wanted to detail the different designs so that if there is something you're looking for but don't see, let me know and we can possibly create some magic together!


The Cali Clutch is a simple design with the ability to be as interesting or as simple as I want. It's a zippered clutch that's large enough to fit a wallet, phone, keys, etc. and features a wrist strap for easy carrying, or hanging somewhere when you don't want to set it down. Approximately 10" wide x 9" tall. 


Stepping outside my clutch comfort zone and recognizing the need for a larger bag created to Camilla Tote. This tote features a zippered pocket and 2 pouch pockets inside for added functionality. Approximately 17" wide x 14" tall with a 4" wide base.


The Cassandra Clutch is a large clutch with metal frame. The Cassandra can be as sophisticated or as playful as desired- just depends on the fabric. I've added an over-sized bow to many Cassandra's for a super fun statement accessory. Approximately 10" wide x 8" tall. 



This fun knot bag is a twist on a traditional tote. One handle is longer that the other allowing you to pull the longer handle through the small one and carry it one-handed. It's also surprisingly spacious inside! It features a zippered pocket and sometimes comes with a small pouch. Approximately 14" tall and 14" wide. 



The Cecile Bag has actually become my favorite every-day bag. It's small enough to be manageable and look cute but, big enough to fit the essentials. I think the fold-over style is so interesting. This bag comes with an adjustable strap or as a clutch without a strap. Comes with either a zippered pocket or patch pockets on the interior. Approximately 13.5" wide and 15" tall when unfolded and 10" tall when folded. 


The Colette Clutch is a fold over clutch with a large exterior pocket that is hidden when folded. It sometimes come with a wrist strap. This is a great, straight forward clutch that fits the essentials. Approximately 12.5" tall (unfolded) and 10" wide.


The Clara is an oversized square clutch that features a large exterior pocket. I love the interesting shape of this bag and the fact that the different layers allow for some fun fabric combinations. Can include a wrist strap and/or crossbody chain. Typically features a small ID pocket on the inside. Approximately 10" wide x 8" tall. 


The Colette is just like Chloe except a little larger and features a cross body length chain. I've often embellished this clutch on the front with bows or fun fabric flowers. This is a great bag functional bag that is still light to carry and fun. 


The Corinne is a small occasional bag- the type of occasion depends on the fabric! I typically put a sweet bow on the front and it comes with a shoulder length chain. Approximately 8" wide x 7' tall. 


The Charlotte Bag is a sophisticated bag with simple lines that is the perfect base for playing with textures and patterns to make unique bags. Sometimes made with a shoulder length handle or crossbody chain. This bag fits everything you need while still looking cute.


Like the Charlotte Bag, the Cara was also made using a pattern from Shamballa Bags. I adore the style of this bag and have made a full size version and mini version for a sophisticated going out bag. 


Capri Belt Bag

The Capri Belt Bag is the Clutched version of a fanny pack. This bag is compact enough to wear across your chest or around the waist featuring an adjustable elastic band for extra comfort. 

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