Packing Away Winter Clothing


My closet has recently become a chaotic mess with the changing of seasons. I need my warm weather clothes for days when the temps are rising but still need the winter coats in case of a random rain storm. With the forecast of sunshine and warmer temps seemingly consistent for the next couple of weeks, I'm saying, "Adios" to those bulky sweaters, puffy jackets and knee hi....wait, not the knee high boots. Those can stay.

I turned to the internet for tips on organizing the winter storage because I need all the direction I can get when it comes to anything domestic. Here's some tips I came across:


Yay! Laundry! Obviously this one makes sense, however, it wouldn't have crossed my mind. My big puffy knee length jacket with fur-trimmed hood rarely sees the inside of a washer, so, duh...that's the point. It also means that I'll be checking pockets for chapsticks, loose change, fruit snack wrappers, etc. I read one suggestion that said put your sweaters in gallon storage bags and freeze them for a few days to kill any pests. that a thing?! What pest are we talking about? Just moths? Or, something else? I don't want to google it. I haven't had a moth problem (or own any expensive sweaters ) so, I might pass on that one.


 This is the tricky part for me. I need them out of my closet to make room for all the summer dresses and so where do we put them? Down or feather-filled jackets can be damaged if you vacuum seal them. I found thin, long plastic containers that will slide under my bed easily. Those can house the fluffy winter coats I don't want damaged. As for sweaters and pants, those are fine being vacuum sealed and compacted so that they'll save space. There are even vacuum sealed hanging bags, if you've got the space on the rack. I'll probably be storing away most things in plastic bins. suggests using clear bins so you can see what's in them or labeling the boxes that aren't clear. But, find a place for them inside the house. The attic above the garage can be too hot and prone to critters. 


Boots and shoes that you won't need for summer can be packed away, too. Just like clothing, it's best to give them a wipe down before storing them. Try stuffing the toes with tissue paper before packing them so they retain their shape. 


Adding silica gel packs to your plastic bins in order to control moisture is an extra, preventative step to keeping your clothes well preserved. Adding a sachet pack, lavender or a cedar block will have them smelling wonderful when you pull them out at the beginning of fall. Ahhhh....I can smell it now; freshly fallen rain, cool nights, cedar-scented cardigans and moisture-free knee-high boots.